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Regulation 76 of SEBI (LODR): Terms of Indian Depository Receipts(IDRs)

Regulation 76 under Chapter VII (Obligations of Listed Entity which has Listed its Indian Depository Receipts) of Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 is as under:

(1) The listed entity shall pay the dividend as per the time frame applicable in its home country or other jurisdictions where its securities are listed, whichever is earlier, so as to reach the IDR Holders on or before the date fixed for payment of dividend to holders of its equity share or other securities.

(2) The listed entity shall not forfeit unclaimed dividends before the claim becomes barred by law in the home country of the listed entity, as may be applicable, and that such forfeiture, when effected, shall be annulled in appropriate cases.

(3) The Indian Depository Receipts shall have two-way fungibility in the manner specified by the Board from time to time.

(1) Various Compliance Formats under Listing Regulations (LODR) 2015 is available at BSE site.
(2) For latest copy of the regulation and any amendments thereto, kindly check at the SEBI site.

Post Last Updated On 16th October 2016

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