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FIPB - Online Filing of FDI Application

How do someone register to submit FIPB application online ?

In order to submit a application to FIPB through the web portal, user has to register first. At the time of registration, the details such as Name, Telephone, Mobile, Email etc. need to be provided. After filling in all the details, a one time password (OTP) for specific request no. is sent to the mobile no./email entered in the registration form for verification of the mobile. After user enters the OTP received against that specific request no., another SMS giving the details of login id is sent by the system along with an email containing a web link. After user clicks on the web link received in his/her email id, he/she can assign password and activate the login to access the portal.

For Registration visit http://fipb.gov.in/Public/ApplicantRegister.aspx

After Registration visit http://fipb.gov.in/Authenticate/Login.aspx

Online application can be made for 3 purposes:

1. Fresh application
2. Amendment Application
3. Downstream intimation

Check list for e-FIPB Application

Which documents need to be uploaded at the time of submission of application?
  • Summary of Proposal on Company(Applicant) Letterhead
  • Certificate of Incorporation(COI) (Investee/Investor/Downstream)
  • Memorandum of Association(MOA) (Investee/Investor/Downstream)
  • Board Resolution(Investee/Investor/Downstream)
  • Audited Financial Statement of Last Financial Year(Investee/Investor/Downstream)
  • Article of Association(Investee/Investor/Downstream)
  • LLP Draft
  • LLP Agreement
  • Income Tax Return of Last Year
  • Passport Copy/ Identification Proof

Other Document
  • A copy of the JV agreement/shareholders agreement/ technology transfer/trademark/brand assignment agreement (as applicable), in case there are existing ventures.
  • Board resolution of any joint venture company(if required)
  • Certificates of Incorporation and charter documents of any joint venture/company which is a party to the proposed transaction
  • Certification for LLP cases compliance
  • Copy of Downstream Intimation
  • Copy of relevant past FIPB/SIA/RBI approvals, connected with the current proposal(In case of amendment proposal)
  • Diagrammatic representation of the flow and funds from the original investor to the investee company and Pre and Post shareholding pattern of the Investee Company.
  • FIRC
  • In the cases of investments by entities which themselves are pooled investment funds, thw details such as names and addresses of promoters, investment managers as well as all the contributors to the investment fund.
  • List of the downstream companies of the Indian company and the details of the equity held by the Indian Company along with the details of the activities of the companies
  • Self Certificate of the documents/ for affidavit.
  • The comments of the Indian partners/ technical/ trademerk collaborators about the new venture, on their official letter heads, with name and contact address of the signatory of the comments.
  • The No Objection Certificate from the the State Government(in case of repatriation under real estate sector)
  • Valuation certificate as approved by a CA

Pharma Documents
  • Balance sheets of the last two years of investee company
  • Certificate Regarding non-compete Clause
  • Does the investee company company possess any advanced/critical technology. If so, the details therof may be furnished. Proposal and possibility of any technology transfer after the induction of FDI may also be indicated.
  • Name and quantities of the products (both bulk drug and formulations) actually manufactured by investee Pharma company during last 3 financial years.
  • Name of NLEMs manufactured alongwith corresponding qualitative production during last 3 financial years.
  • Name of Products approved by concerned state drug controller
  • The details of any technology transfer after the induction of FDI(in case of pharma)

Security Clearance Form
  • Security Clearance Form

Additional Relevant Document
  • Any Relevant Document

Forms: http://fipb.gov.in/FIPBForm.aspx

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