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Large-Cap Company : Definition & a Brief Summary

Definition of Large Cap Company

A Company with Large Cap Stock is known as a Large Cap Company.

What is a Large Cap Stock?

The Large Cap Stock is the stock of a company with market capitalization in the range of $10 billion to $200 billion.

(This is an approximate figure as noted in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website.)

Other Characteristics
  • The daily trading volumes are in large quantity.
  • The pricing of the large-cap stocks are generally high.
  • Their revenues are also high as well as their assets and operations.
  • The investments in the stocks of large cap companies are considered less risky.

Examples of Large-Cap Companies
  • Intel Corporation - market cap $150.03bn 
  • Comcast Corporation - market cap $145.61bn
  • Starbucks Corporation - market cap $85.12bn
  • Netflix, Inc. - market cap $41.81bn
  • Yahoo! Inc. - market cap $32.01bn

Source: nasdaq.com (data as on 14th March 2016)

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