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List of States/Union Territories allowing FDI in Multi Brand Retail Trading

List Of States/ Union Territories As Mentioned In Paragraph of Consolidated FDI Policy effective from June 07, 2016

1. Andhra Pradesh
2. Assam
3. Delhi
4. Haryana
5. Himachal Pradesh
6. Jammu & Kashmir

7. Karnataka
8. Maharashtra
9. Manipur
10. Rajasthan
11. Uttarakhand
12. Daman & Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli (Union Territories)

The above States/Union Territories have conveyed their agreement to allow Foreign Direct Investment in Multi Brand Retail Trading subject to provisions as provided in Consolidated FDI Policy by DIPP.

The above policy is an enabling policy only and the State Governments/Union Territories would be free to take their own decisions in regard to implementation of the policy. 

Therefore, retail sales outlets may be set up in those States/Union Territories which have agreed, or agree in future, to allow FDI in Multi Brand Retail Trading(MBRT) under the said policy.

Such agreement, in future, to permit establishment of retail outlets under this policy, would be conveyed to the Government of India through the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion(DIPP).

The establishment of the retail sales outlets will be in compliance of applicable State/Union Territory laws/ regulations, such as the Shops and Establishments Act etc.

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