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Clause 52 of the Listing Agreement for Equity Shares

Clause 52 of the Listing Agreement for Equity Shares is as under:

Corporate Filing and Dissemination System (CFDS), viz., www.corpfiling.co.in

(1) The company agrees -

(a) to file on the CDFS, such information, statements and reports as may be specified by the Participating Stock Exchanges in this regard.

(b) that the Compliance Officer, appointed under clause 47(a) and the company shall be responsible for ensuring the correctness, authenticity and comprehensiveness of the information, statements and reports filed under this clause and also for ensuring that such information is in conformity with the applicable laws and the listing agreement.

(c) to ensure that the electronic filing of information through CFDS, pursuant to compliance with any clause of the listing agreement, shall be done within the time limit specified in the respective clause of the listing agreement.

(d) to put in place such infrastructure as may be required to comply with the clause.

Explanation: For the purposes of this clause –

(i) The term “Corporate Filing and Dissemination System (CFDS)” shall mean the portal at the URL www.corpfiling.co.in or such other website as may be specified by the participating stock exchanges from time to time to take care of exigencies, if any.

(ii) The term “Participating Stock Exchanges” shall mean the stock exchanges owning and maintaining CFDS.

Post Last Updated On: 28th August 2015

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