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Clause 34 of the Listing Agreement for Equity Shares

Clause 34 of the Listing Agreement for Equity Shares is as under:

The Company agrees - - -

(a) that it will not exercise a lien on its fully paid shares and that in respect of partly paid shares it will not exercise any lien except in respect of moneys called or payable at a fixed time in respect of such shares;

(b) that it will not decline to register or acknowledge any transfer of shares on the ground of the transferor being either alone or jointly with any other person or persons indebted to the Company on any account whatsoever;

(c) that it will not forfeit unclaimed dividends before the claim becomes barred by law and that such forfeiture, when effected, will be annulled in appropriate cases;

(d) that if any amount be paid up in advance of calls on any shares it will stipulate that such amount may carry interest but shall not in respect thereof confer a right to dividend or to participate in profits;

(e) that it will not give to any person the call of any shares without the sanction of the shareholders in general meeting;

(f) that it will send out proxy forms to shareholders and debenture holders in all cases, such proxy forms being so worded that a shareholder or debenture holder may vote either for or against each resolution;

(g) that when notice is given to its shareholders by advertisement it will advertise such notice in at least one leading Mumbai daily newspaper.

Post Last Updated On: 28th August 2015

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