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Clause 19 of the Listing Agreement for Equity Shares

Clause 19 of the Listing Agreement for Equity Shares is as under:

"The Company agrees ………….

a. to give prior intimation to the Exchange about the Board Meeting at which proposal for BuyBack of Securities, declaration/recommendation of Dividend or Rights or issue of convertible debentures or of debentures carrying a right to subscribe to equity shares or the passing over of dividend or the issue of right is due to be considered at least 2 working days in advance;

b. to give notice simultaneously to the Stock Exchanges in case the proposal for declaration of bonus is communicated to the Board of Directors of the company as part of the agenda papers. (No prior intimation to the Exchange is required about the Board Meeting in case the declaration of Bonus by the Company is not on the agenda of the Board Meeting);

c. that it will recommend or declare all dividend and/or cash bonuses at least five days before commencement of the closure of its transfer books or the record date fixed for the purpose.

d. that in case of a further public offer to be made through the fixed price route, the company shall notify the stock exchange, at least 48 hours in advance, of the proposed meeting of its Board of Directors convened for determination of issue price."

Source: BSE Stock Exchange, Listing Agreement
Post Last Updated On: 28th August 2015

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