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Clause 11 of the Listing Agreement for Equity Shares

Clause 11 of the Listing Agreement for Equity Shares is as under:

The Company agrees that it will entertain applications for registering transfers of its securities when - - -
(a) the instrument of transfer is in any usual or common form approved by the Exchange; and

(b) the transfer deeds are properly executed and accompanied either by certificates or by Letters of Allotment, Pucca Transfer Receipts or Split, Consolidation or Renewal Receipts duly discharged either by the registered holders or, in the case of Split, Consolidation and Renewal Receipts, by the members of the Exchange or an official of the Stock Exchange Clearing House as provided herein; and

(c ) Transferees(s) furnish copy of their PAN card to the Company / RTA’s for registration of transfer of shares, for securities market transactions and off-market/private transactions involving transfer of shares in physical form.

Post Last Updated On: 28th August 2015

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