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Procedure for Appointment of Director in Casual Vacancy

The Board of Directors of a Company, may appoint a person as Director, in place of a Director who was appointed in the general meeting of the shareholders and whose office is vacant, due to casual vacancy as per Section 161(4) of the Companies Act, 2013.

To fill the casual vacancy of the office of a Director, the following procedures has to be followed:

(1) Obtain Consent letter from the new Director
(2) Pass resolution in a duly convened Board Meeting for the appointment of the new Direcor
(3) File form DIR 12 with the ROC within 30days intimating about the appointment
(4) Name of the new director has to be entered into in the Register of Directors and Register of Directors' Shareholding as per Section 170
(5) Notify the stock exchange as per the listing agreement (clause 30)

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