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Board Resolution for signing Consent Terms in court matter

When two or more companies/firms/individual agree upon a settlement for a law suit initiated by one or more them, and the parties want to enter into a consent term to enable the judge to disposed off the matter and get decree on it. The person representing each party who will sign the Consent Terms on behalf a company, required to be authorised by a board resolution to sign the consent terms. 

The format of the board resolution can be something like below:

“RESOLVED THAT the Company do negotiate, finalise and execute consent terms with one or more of the defendants i.e. M/s. XYZ Limited, M/s. OO & Associates and Mr. X, in the ___________ suit no. ___ of ____ before the Hon’ble High Court of ___________.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Mr. X, Director or Mr. Y, General Manager, be and are hereby severally authorized to execute, on behalf of the Company, the Consent Terms and any other documents or affirmations in relation to the aforesaid consent terms to be executed with one or more of the defendants in the suit no. ____ of _____.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT a copy of the resolution certified to be true by Mr. L,  Director be given as and when necessary.”

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