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Foreign Register Of Members Or Debenture Holders

Register of Members

Every company is required to keep and maintain the following registers :

  1. register of members;
  2. register of debenture-holders; and
  3. register of any other security holders. 

  • This is as per the requirements prescribed under section 88 of the companies act 2013.
  • All the above registers shall have an index of the names included therein.
  • The register and index of beneficial owners maintained by a depository under section 11 of the Depositories Act, 1996, shall be deemed to be the corresponding register and index for the purposes of this Act.
Foreign Register of Members

A company may keep in any country outside India a part of the register as mentioned above, called “foreign register” containing the names and particulars of the members, debentureholders, other security holders or beneficial owners residing outside India.

The company has to be authorised by its articles to keep the  foreign register.

Earlier the provisions relating to the foreign register was prescribed under section 158 & 159 of the companies act 1956.

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