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Contents of Articles of Association

The Articles of Association(AOA) of a Company generally contains provisions / rules and regulation relating to the management of the Company. The Contains of AOA differs from company to company, which is as per the form prescribed under the companies act 2013.

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Generally, an AOA has the following provisions incorporated in it.

  1. share capital and variation of rights;

  2. lien on shares;

  3. calls on shares;

  4. transfer of shares;
  5. transmission of shares;

  6. forfeiture of shares;

  7. alteration of capital;
  8. capitalisation of profits;
  9. buy-back of shares;
  10. general meetings;
  11. proceedings at general meetings;
  12. adjournment of meeting;
  13. voting rights;
  14. proxy;
  15. board of directors;
  16. proceedings of board; 
  17. chief executive officer, manager, company secretary or chief financial officer;
  18. conversion of shares into stock;
  19. the seal;

  20. dividends and reserve;
  21. accounts;
  22. winding up;
  23. indemnity.

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