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Regulation 31A of SEBI (LODR): Disclosure of Class of shareholders and Conditions for Reclassification

Regulation 31A under Chapter IV (Obligations of Listed Entity which has Listed its Specified Securities) of Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 is as under:

"(1) All entities falling under promoter and promoter group shall be disclosed separately in the shareholding pattern appearing on the website of all stock exchanges having nationwide trading terminals where the specified securities of the entity are listed, in accordance with the formats specified by SEBI.

(2) The stock exchange, specified in sub-regulation (1), shall allow modification or reclassification of the status of the shareholders, only upon receipt of a request from the concerned listed entity or the concerned shareholders along with all relevant evidence and on being satisfied with the compliance of conditions mentioned in this regulation.

(3) In case of entities listed on more than one stock exchange, the concerned stock exchanges shall jointly decide on the application of the entity/ shareholders, as specified in sub-regulation(2).

(4) In case of transmission/succession/inheritance, the inheritor shall be classified as promoter.

(5) When a new promoter replaces the previous promoter subsequent to an open offer or in any other manner, re-classification may be permitted subject to approval of shareholders in the general meeting and compliance of the following conditions:
(a) Such promoter along with the promoter group and the Persons Acting in Concert shall not hold more than ten per cent of the paid-up equity capital of the entity.
(b) Such promoter shall not continue to have any special rights through formal or informal arrangements. All shareholding agreements granting special rights to such entities shall be terminated.
(c) Such promoters and their relatives shall not act as key managerial person for a period of more than three years from the date of shareholders‘ approval:
Provided that the resolution of the said shareholders' meeting must specifically grant approval for such promoter to act as key managerial person.
(6) Where anentity becomes professionally managed and does not have any identifiable promoter the existing promoters may be re-classified as public shareholders subject to approval of the shareholders in a general meeting.
Explanation.- For the purposes of this sub-regulation anentity may be considered as professionally managed, if-
(i) No person or group along with persons acting in concert taken together shall hold more than one per cent paid-up equity capital of the entity including any holding of convertibles/outstanding warrants/ Depository Receipts:
Provided that any mutual fund, bank, insurance company, financial institution, foreign portfolio investor may individually hold up to ten per cent paid-up equity capital of the entity including any holding of convertibles/outstanding warrants/Depository Receipts.
(ii) The promoters seeking reclassification and their relatives may act as key managerial personnel in the entity only subject to shareholders‘ approval and for a period not exceeding three years from the date of shareholders‘ approval.
(iii) The promoter seeking reclassification along with his promoter group entities and the persons acting in concert shall not have any special right through formal or informal arrangements. All shareholding agreements granting special rights to such outgoing entities shall be terminated.
(7) Without prejudice to sub-regulations (5) and (6), re-classification of promoter as public shareholders shall be subject to the following conditions:
(a) Such promoter shall not, directly or indirectly, exercise control, over the affairs of the entity.
(b) Increase in the level of public shareholding pursuant to re-classification of promoter shall not be counted towards achieving compliance with minimum public shareholding requirement under rule 19A of the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Rules, 1957, and the provisions of these regulations.
(c) The event of re-classification shall be disclosed to the stock exchanges as a material event in accordance with the provisions of these regulations.
(d) Board may relax any condition for re-classification in specific cases, if it is satisfied about non-exercise of control by the outgoing promoter or its persons acting in concert.
(8) If any public shareholder seeks to re-classify itself as promoter, it shall be required to make an open offer in accordance with the provisions of SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 2011.

(1) Various Compliance Formats under Listing Regulations (LODR) 2015 is available at BSE site.
(2) For latest copy of the regulation and any amendments thereto, kindly check at the SEBI site.

Post Last Updated On 16th October 2016

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