Clause 36 of the Listing Agreement for Equity Shares

Listed companies are required to intimate to the Stock Exchanges immediately of events such as strikes, lock outs, closure on account of power cuts, etc. and all events which will have a bearing on the performance / operations of the company as well as price sensitive information both at the time of occurrence of the event and subsequently after the cessation of the event.

This is required in order to enable the security holders and the public to appraise the position of the company and to avoid the establishment of a false market in its securities.

The material events may be events such as:
  • Change in the general character or nature of business - Promptly notify the Exchange
  • Disruption of operations due to natural calamity - Keep the Exchange informed soon after the occurrence of any natural calamity
  • Commencement of Commercial Production/Commercial Operations - Promptly notify the Exchange (where revenue from the unit/division for a full year of production or operations is estimated to be not less than 10% of the revenues of the for the year)
  • Developments with respect to pricing/realisation arising out of change in the regulatory framework - Promptly inform the Exchange
  • Litigation /dispute with a material impact - Promptly inform the Exchange after the event
  • Revision in Rating - Promptly notify the Exchange
  • Any other information having bearing on the operation/performance of the company as well as price sensitive information which includes but not restricted to;
  1. Issue of any class of securities.
  2. Acquisition, merger, de-merger, amalgamation, restructuring, scheme of arrangement, spin off of setting divisions of the company, etc.
  3. Change in market lot of the company's shares, sub-division of equity shares of the company.
  4. Voluntary delisting by the company from the stock exchange(s).
  5. Forfeiture of shares.
  6. Any action which will result in alteration in the terms regarding redemption/cancellation/retirement in whole or in part of any securities issued by the company.
  7. Information regarding opening, closing of status of ADR, GDR or any other class of securities to be issued abroad.8. Cancellation of dividend/rights/bonus, etc.
The above information should be made public immediately.

Source: BSE Stock Exchange, Listing Agreement  
Last Updated On: 1st November 2014

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